We at SkillBuilder understand the issues you face as a new founder who have to deal with criticism, lack of belief and attention to the product, and self-doubts about the product not being perfect yet. The founder’s journey of struggling to bring something to market naturally comes with you facing a ton of questions!

Our typical user audience include people in Business, Sales and Product Leader roles from high growth companies such as yours. SkillBuilder helps you scale all the information, questions and answers that have been living in your head, to your team members.

We relate to the founder problem of wanting to retain all the information, as you are best at answering all the questions and talking about the product because you started this. Our tool helps you democratize that problem and allow you to leverage your circles of trust. You can share this platform with your team and invite people to crowdsource the most credible information here. Your circles of trust could involve people inside and also outside your organizations such as advisors, investors, board members, and partners.

Using SkillBuilder, it is super easy to create a directory of the questions and get those unique viewpoints from others in your team. You could also track the activities of your team on those questions using the dashboard. This is also a perfect tool that can empower your team on the learning front using our flashcards feature!

SKILLBUILDER IS your go-to-tool for identifying, evolving & training on the most credible answers to your toughest questions

We recommend you to get on our platform now and use the features such as up-vote, flag, merge or provide different answers that you believe is most accurate!

SkillBuilder usage that Would benefit you as a Founder & CEOs

Capture how you say unique value propositions as a Founder so future colleagues get it right

Help on-board your sales and product leaders with what already works

See what questions are driving the buying process and what answers are costing the deals fall apart

use cases

It is important that your unique value propositions are iterated without any ambiguity in the future. To ensure your future colleagues are able to bring out the same value while describing those propositions, you need to document it all together. SkillBuilder helps you document those propositions in a single space for all future references.

As a founder of the product, you are well aware of the problem space and know what answers already work for certain questions coming your way. Make sure your sales and product leader learn from your experience and avoid repeating what you have already tried and has not worked. SkillBuilder helps you on-board the sales and product team with the answers that have already worked for you in the past.

As a CEO who has to constantly evaluate and reflect on why some deals worked out and some did not, having all the answers in a common platform makes it easier to compare and analyze. The question and answer view on SkillBuilder is a consolidated view that would save your time doing so. You will be able to make a better decision on what are the most commonly asked questions and what answers won were a game changer!

As a founder or a CEO who is creating and marketing your products, you will be asked a lot of questions! With the aid of SkillBuilder, you can quickly uncover frequently asked questions and crowdsource the most insightful responses from your teams. The simplest approach to arrange a database and see all the inquiries you receive from co-workers, clients, and potential clients in one convenient location is with SkillBuilder.

Everyone must be on the same page if you want to scale your business team while continually providing the answers. You'll want the same distinct, assured responses to show up as frequently as feasible. With the aid of SkillBuilder, you can swiftly crowdsource both internally and outside to get the best solutions in the shortest amount of time for your most challenging topics. The best chance of success with your co-workers, prospects, and clients in the least amount of time can be achieved by organizing your most difficult questions and answers quickly using SkillBuilder.

At SkillBuilder, we offer cheap, quick, and simple on-boarding processes. As a founder or a CEO, you will be able to use this crowdsourcing tool in only three easy steps in less than five minutes. Enter the name of the product or service as a first step. Next, ask the most important question that will be asked of your business teams before an enterprise-scale purchase is made. To complete the on-boarding process, click "Let's Go" as the final step. It’s that easy!