We understand that as a sales leader, you want to be both a chief storyteller and also be metrics driven while selling your product. We know that you feel accountable to the people under you doing the job of the outreach and the expectation of being on top of their game. So as a sales leader, SkillBuilder addresses your concerns by making sure that the answers and information you provide is up to date and accurate.

As a sales leader you have the most current and direct feedback as you not only are just saying the information, but are also hearing back new information from the customers. Our platform allows you to collect those answers based on the most relevant information from the market!

We know that most times there is a friction between what you think the most credible answer is and what the market has agreed to. At SkillBuilder, you could reduce that friction and discrepancies inside your organization by allowing some introspection on those answers being compared against the actual market place expectations.SkillBuilder also aids accountability on the leadership board on who has actually provided the most answers and questions. We at SkillBuilder understand that most often the loudest person at the sales meeting isn’t always the most right one, but sometimes it’s the person that doesn’t feel comfortable. So we allow the most credible answer to be identified and curated on this platform.

Irrespective of the number of answers that gets added, the most credible answers can be highlighted using the features to up-vote and merge answers. You will have the confidence that the questions have been added by the people that are actually doing the business steps of outreach and communicating by storytelling.

SKILLBUILDER IS your go-to-tool for identifying, evolving & training on the most credible answers to your toughest questions

So start socializing the information with your team now using SkillBuilder! Invite people to provide the best answers as they have learned experience in the marketplace.

SkillBuilder usage that Would benefit you as a SALES LEADER

Establish a baseline of questions and answers everyone needs to win with

Keep track of who is pushing the most differentiated answers to your most important questions

Capture unique ways via video, audio, and image of how you can communicate important concepts

use cases

As a Product leader, market positioning of the product is one of your primary responsibilities and all your efforts to differentiate the product from competitors needs to be taken into account. SkillBuilder will enable your sales and marketing team to access the answers with the highest level of differentiation, in return helping you to push the team to best differentiate your product or service from the competitors while selling the product.

Documenting any piece of information on a product or a service helps set expectations in the team. SkillBuilder allows the admin to constantly update the information and discard any redundant answers. The upvote feature helps add credibility to the information in the form of questions and answers in our platform. This way your team can stay away from inaccurate information sitting in any bloated knowledge base, and educate themselves with the most recently updated and accurate information.

As a product leader who would guide all your client facing colleagues with the product related questions, you will be able to on-board them using SkillBuilder in just three quick and simple steps! On-boarding the team to our platform will simply enable them with all the product information they would need to answer the client without your manual intervention.

You will be asked a lot of questions while marketing your products as a Sales Leader! Using SkillBuilder, you can rapidly find frequently asked topics and crowdsource your teams' most smart answers. Using SkillBuilder is the easiest way to set up a database and view all the enquiries you get from coworkers, clients, and potential clients in one place.

If you want to scale your sales team while consistently providing the answers, everyone must be on the same page. The same clear, confident responses should appear as frequently as possible. Using SkillBuilder, you can quickly crowdsource both internally and outside to find the best answers for your most difficult topics in the shortest amount of time. By swiftly organizing your trickiest questions and responses with SkillBuilder, you can maximize your chances of success with your coworkers, prospects, and clients in the shortest amount of time.

We at SkillBuilder provide rapid, inexpensive, and easy onboarding procedures. Using a crowdsourcing tool will only take you three simple actions and less than five minutes, Sales Leader. As a starting point, type the name of the good or service. Prior to making an enterprise-scale purchase, pose the most crucial question to your business teams. Click "Let's Go" on the last stage to finish the on-boarding procedure. This is really simple!