We at SkillBuilder understand that as a product leader, you are going to want to make sure the product information is absolutely accurate. When you have to choose between the information being compelling or accurate, and if you are the kind of product leader who is much more concerned with accuracy of the product information, then you are in the right place!

We understand that product leaders are oftentimes the last person that gets included in the conversations about how to tell the story. So to address this, you could use our platform to best commercialise your view points in your organization.

The information would mainly come from the founder who thought of the product and the sales leaders usually scale that information and grow the outreach. Internally, you as a product leader, who is often kept back at the office will get a voice in the actual interaction between the market and the enterprise by using the features to up-vote, flag or delete answers for a question at SkillBuilder!

We know that a sales person’s natural tendency could be to first say everything is great and over-promise the world only to come back and ask the product team to build it. This platform can actually help you as product leader to say no to these impractical requirements and have a say in the facts of the product. You as a product person can actually say no and say this is what the product is and you need to say it like this!

SKILLBUILDER IS your go-to-tool for identifying, evolving & training on the most credible answers to your toughest questions

We recommend you to get on our platform now and use the features such as up-vote,
flag, merge or provide different answers that you believe is most accurate!

SkillBuilder usage that Would benefit you as a PRODUCT LEADER

Push sales and marketing to answer with the highest level of differentiation about a product or a service

Avoid stale or inaccurate information from sitting in a bloated knowledge base or wiki

Develop easy on-boarding flows for the customer facing colleagues

use cases

As a Product leader, market positioning of the product is one of your primary responsibilities and all your efforts to differentiate the product from competitors needs to be taken into account. SkillBuilder will enable your sales and marketing team to access the answers with the highest level of differentiation, in return helping you to push the team to best differentiate your product or service from the competitors while selling the product.

Documenting any piece of information on a product or a service helps set expectations in the team. SkillBuilder allows the admin to constantly update the information and discard any redundant answers. The upvote feature helps add credibility to the information in the form of questions and answers in our platform. This way your team can stay away from inaccurate information sitting in any bloated knowledge base, and educate themselves with the most recently updated and accurate information.

As a product leader who would guide all your client facing colleagues with the product related questions, you will be able to on-board them using SkillBuilder in just three quick and simple steps! On-boarding the team to our platform will simply enable them with all the product information they would need to answer the client without your manual intervention.

You will be queried a lot as a Product Leader who is developing and promoting your products! Using SkillBuilder, you can rapidly find frequently asked topics and crowdsource your teams' most smart answers. Using SkillBuilder is the easiest way to set up a database and view all the enquiries you get from coworkers, clients, and potential clients in one place.

If you want to scale your product team and keep providing the solutions, everyone must be on the same page. You want the same clear, confident responses to appear as often as possible. With the help of SkillBuilder, you can quickly crowdsource both inside and outside your organization to find the finest answers for your most difficult problems in the shortest period of time. Your most challenging questions and answers can be rapidly organized using SkillBuilder to provide you the highest chance of success with your coworkers, prospects, and clients in the shortest period of time.

We at SkillBuilder provide rapid, affordable, and straightforward onboarding solutions. You can use a crowdsourcing tool as a product leader in just three simple steps and less than five minutes. As a first step, enter the name of the product or service. Next, before making an enterprise-scale purchase, ask your business teams the most crucial question. As the last stage, click "Let's Go" to finish the on-boarding procedure. It's that simple!